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Past CampEd Photos Posted

Hey CampEders,

Actually that sounds pretty good, “CampEders.”   Well, I posted all the photos I had from the past CampEds.  I could not find any photos from CampEd 2007, so if you have some please let me know!!  This whole CampEd thing is really blowing up, and I love it!!   We are still work on making CampEd 2009 t-shirts available if you did not get one.  Let know if you are interested.  Also, I was thinking about making CampEd sweatshirts for the Fall….thoughts?        Thanks again Friends!!!!


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Login / Registration

This morning I added a module to let people register at and login. You’ll see it in the header of the site. By registering with you will receive email notifications for new posts but you can unsubscribe at anytime.

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After my first CampEd I thought I would contribute something back, so in my down time today I put together gives us much more flexibility beyond the facebook group. After I finish getting things setup I’ll turn the reigns over to Ed, Aaron, and Shannon. Thanks to everyone for making CampEd such a great experience.

Check out the links above for pictures and video from CampEd.

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