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Past CampEd Photos Posted

Hey CampEders,

Actually that sounds pretty good, “CampEders.”   Well, I posted all the photos I had from the past CampEds.  I could not find any photos from CampEd 2007, so if you have some please let me know!!  This whole CampEd thing is really blowing up, and I love it!!   We are still work on making CampEd 2009 t-shirts available if you did not get one.  Let know if you are interested.  Also, I was thinking about making CampEd sweatshirts for the Fall….thoughts?        Thanks again Friends!!!!

Aaron  abohnsack21@gmail.com

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Login / Registration

This morning I added a module to let people register at camp-ed.com and login. You’ll see it in the header of the site. By registering with camp-ed.com you will receive email notifications for new posts but you can unsubscribe at anytime.

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Introducing Camp-Ed.com

After my first CampEd I thought I would contribute something back, so in my down time today I put together camp-ed.com. camp-ed.com gives us much more flexibility beyond the facebook group. After I finish getting things setup I’ll turn the reigns over to Ed, Aaron, and Shannon. Thanks to everyone for making CampEd such a great experience.

Check out the links above for pictures and video from CampEd.

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4 Days to Opening Ceremonies

CampEd 2009 will begin at with Opening Ceremonies @ 7pm Thursday Night. Be there or be Square.

Mike and Amanda Marsala bought way too much beer for their wedding and have offered to bring 2 half barrels of Miller Lite. So please don’t bring any beer! What you can do in return is cook for them. I think if everyone brings a meal for Mike and Amanda it should work out well. Shannon and I will be bringing a few staple meals for everyone. Chorizo Con Huevos and Arrachera Al Carbon.

See you at Lake Kegonsa!

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CampEd ’09

Lake Kegonsa Group Site B.

Lake Kegonsa Group Site B.

CampEd 2009 has been set. After going to Highcliff State Park for a number of years now we are going to a new spot, a different spot, someplace not too far, but not too close. I hope everyone like it.
Date: July 30th – August 2nd
Where: Lake Kegonsa State Park Group Site B

This site is very close to a grassy baseball area to play yard games in. Also there is a sand volleyball court right next to the site. There is also a horseshoe pit right next the the volleyball court. So here is the kicker… This site has a shelter with a paved surface underneath that is ours for the weekend! I hope i made a good decision.

Oblique Aerial photography of the site
Group Camp
Lake Kegonsa State Park
Think Summer

Campground Map (166)

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